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MARK TRAVAGLINI traces family roots to early twentieth-century Connecticut. His dad Also was born right here in the bucolic Ridgefield of 1914, four years after the family's arrival in the United States...with their name proudly recorded in the history of Ridgefield, many of the Travaglinis' today still live and work here and in nearby Connecticut communities. Long-time Ridgefield residents know Mark's dad affectionately as "Squash," the owner of Ridgefield News Store, which opened on Main Street in 1953, and soon came to be called,.Squash's-an engaging story Mark tells best. He joined the family business in 1985, and assumed ownership in 1988. Squash's then became a member of the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce. Earlier, Mark taught science at Immaculate High School in neighboring Danbury, and at Hendrick Hudson High School in Montrose, New York. Mark also coached football and baseball. Today, Mark remains athletic as ever. A pre-dawn riser, he is an avid runner and biker who manages to volunteer in such community affairs as the Ridgefield division of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life and the Ridgefield Community Foundation's Walk for Hearts. It is no surprise friends speak of Mark in complimentary hyperbole when the say, 'he knows everyone". For over the years Mark has developed lasting, personable relationships with many of Ridgefield's neighbor-businesses and area residents, including the Neumann family. Mark joined Neumann Real Estate in April, 2002, a successful move just a few doors down on Ridgefield's enduring Main Street. Here, Mark offers Neumann clients not only his professional skills but also his unique knowledge and insights about growing Ridgefield area, its people, histories, communities and properties. Mark currently lives in Ridgefield with his wife Caren and his adorable twins, Jake and Cate. "The g in 'Travaglini,' he reminds us, "is silent--as in 'Traveleeni".

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